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Problems updating Audigy driver



Currently, I'm using the creative audigy "value" on
Windows XP. I have installed the CDROM that came /w the
hardware. Although I have done so, my soundcard doesn't
work properly. In soundmixer I can't save my settings
(ie. speaker setting at 5.1 and it becomes 2 speakers
when ever I reboot). I downloaded the new driver patch,
but the problem is that I can't install it. For some
reason the program keeps on asking me to install the
original audigy cd install. But like I said I have done
so, and it still refuses to install the driver. How can
I remedy this problem?

This is the message that I would get from the install pack "This web update requires you to pre-install the Sound
Blaster Audigy from the original Installation Disc that
is bundled with your product. Install this update only
after you had done so. Update will exit now"

But like I said I have done so...
I think the problem here winXP. For some reason it will automatically overwrite the installed driver each time I reboot.


I had the same problem until I realized I still had the onboard sound enabled. After turning it off in the BIOS and uninstalling/reinstalling the Software it worked like a champ.

The Soyo Dragon and Dragon + mobos have had issues with soundcards, basically the only slots that will recognize them properly are the 4th and 5th.

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