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problems saving to cd



Hello everybody. I'm new to these forums.

Have a little problem. I want to save stuff to cd. When I right click on something and the list comes up, I click send to cd drive D. I then get the bubble saying things ready to be copied to cd. But once I go to there and the wizard starts up its telling me that there is no disc in drive. When there is. It will work some days and other days it won't. :(
I have tried using different cd's but still the same outcome. I have nero and its ok but when saving data sometimes it just freezes. Would rather be able to just right click and send to D drive. For quickness and its a lot handier.

Its kinda hit and miss. Sorry for the long post, but can anyone out there help me. Oh, its windows xp home edition I am using. Have had computer for eight months. Just in case you might need to know. Thanx.


Its using xp's built in one. Just your normal right click and send to D drive.
The nero bit is, I have tried using the incd. Which is right click, send to incd D drive. The same thing happens. Sometimes it works and some it doesn't.

Actually in nero itself I have tried to compile a data cd. The long way of saving things to cd. And again sometime's this works and other times it freezes.
I think its the D drive givin the trouble.Not the nero. I can play music and stuff on it but just sometimes it won't reconise that there is a disc in there for data to be burnt onto it.

The nero is fine for burning music.Onlt data files it gives the trouble.

Thanx for getting back to me so quickly Hipster.


Cheers. Will let you know how I get on.

Bit of a hang-over so I'll look into it tommorrow.


Hi, i was having a similar problem with the built in cd burning softwere in XP Pro, but i was having the problems with CD-RW discs - then i started using Nero (curently and everything works fine so you could try upgrading your Nero or reinstalling it - www.nero.com - Hope it helps!!!! BTW which CD_RW drive do you have?

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