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problems running through a router

I hooked up a router to put a second computer online and now I cant run a server for gaming because my computers I.P. is hidden behind the routersI.P. Im totally new to networking, routers,ports, and all that so im stumped. Is there a way to make my server visible through a router? And if so am I losing the protection the router was giving me since Im not running a firewall? Any help is appreciated.
Im using a linksys 4 port but im happy to report that forwarding the ports as elderec suggested seems to have worked. I can now see my server online. I wasnt sure what range to set it for on a wolfenstein server, so i opend it up for 27660 to 27999. Is that kind of a big hole? Like I said, Im new at routers. Im not sure if I need to do anything on the second computer or not but Ill worry about that later. Thanks for the help Elderec.
P.S. You wouldnt believe how long I messed with this before deciding to post a question. Feelin pretty stupid now, but happy that its over. GREAT FORUM!!!


Glad you got it working ditchhopper, as for the specific ports for RTCW they are as follows:

27950, 27960, 27965, & 27952 both TCP & UDP

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