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Problems reinstalling Windows XP, File Missing/Corrupt


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i am trying to install xp and have 2 problems
1st out of 40gb hard drive it will only see 840mb so how can i get into fdisk
2nd problem when i try and install xp it installs the files and yhen says the following file is missing or corrupt:(windows root>system32\hal.dll. please re-install a copy of the above file
Hmmm? wonder why you're reinstalling? Could it be maybe you tried a linux distro and now done with that you can't run windows setup? Well this is common with "some" linux that alter the boot sector of the hard drive to make it unrecognized by windows. Been there, done that. So I boot to my floppy with WD's diagnostics tool and run a quick format. Then all is fine with windows setup.


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If the CD is scratched it will give errors such as the ones you mentioned. Also if your CD/DVD drive is acting up will do the same. Do as Admiral Michael suggested, get another CD drive. I came across errors like this many moons ago doing an install. Also, come to think of it, clean the drive. They are probably read errors.

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