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Problems opening Saved Games in GTA3


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I had the same problem. Set your desktop to 16bit then it should load saved games.

Originally posted by Geo
I installed GTA3 and i'am having problems opening saved games. anyone ever heard of this?


Well, I know who doesn't pay for their games now.
The "save game" problem is a WAREZ version only problems.

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Originally posted by anewhope
Aint that a massive sig img punk!
Yeah, I need to make a friendlier one as I am also on dialup now :p

Vorpal: Judging by the way he was after a newer crack I can presume that, that was the fault...

It's like I always say cracking involves opening an exe and then fiddling with it, hoping it will work. The cracker in this case is an old friend of mine, and took him 3 goes and he is without a doubt the best cracker in the world. It's a game of chance and damage can be done. As the problem seems to have been "solved" I will now close this topic.

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I guess with a system like that, you are too poor to buy it :p

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