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Hey I have a copy of windows xp, its corporate edition so you can install and reinstall as many times you like without having to worry about that hardware piracy prevention bs or whatever. Here is my problem, I have the cd, but it does not install...into anything. I have tried over 5 or 6 computers. I have tried it on my desktop which runs windows 98 second edition, I have tried installing it onto my laptop which runs Windows 2000 NT Professional, tried installing it onto my dads computer which runs regular windows 98, tried installing into my sisters computer with 95, then we tried installing it onto an old IBM with a totally wiped clean hard drive, then we wiped my hard drive and tried installing it there. Would not install...on ANY of them, it would go through all the pre-installing bs then it would restart like it should, say WinXP starting up, and then it would go to the installing screen and say: Fatal Error and give me some gibberish about error reading from D:\asms\6000\msft\vcrtl or something like that and it tells me the installation cannot be completed. It has done that on EVERY single computer, now me and my pops have been trying since Christmas to get this shit to work and we have done everything, I put the files it couldn’t find onto separate disk and tried having it locate it from there didn’t work, I put all of windows xp install onto hard disk and ran from hard disk didn’t work either, Jesus we did a bunch other shit I cant remember, but man o man I am fresh outta ideas, Figured since you all are running XP, thought maybe u had a few ideas. Here is the interesting thing, we got the cd from our cousin who is an IT guy, and we gave it back and he gave us another one thinking the cd was messed up. So he tries to install perfectly installs without a single hitch, not only that, when he was over our house he couldn’t get it work, so goddamn, I am so completely vexed. It is so amazingly frustrating beyond all belief. LoL...I just want my damn XP man that’s it, and dammit something keeps stopping it.... there is some other line it shows that some manifestation or some what fails, D:\l86 or something like that, I don’t even know, I have exhausted every single one of my last resources so im just shooting in the dark and trying to get any kind of help...if you or anyone for that matter can help me solve this problem I would be so damn grateful...thanks for your time
I had an installation problem with XP once... It wouldn't pick up the EULA from the CD for some reason. My solution was copying the installation directory (i386 and all sub-folders) to the hard drive and running the file 'winnt.exe' from dos, or 'winnt32.exe' from windows... both of these files are in the i386 directory. I don't know what else to suggest because I've never had to troubleshoot my own installation woes beyond that.
Here i just recently tried reinstalling the file again here is what it said:

SXS.DLL:Syntax error in manifest or policy file "F:\l386\asms\6000\MSFT\VCRTL.MAN" on line 16.


Installation Failed: F:\l386\asms. Error Message: A components file does not match components manifest.

Fatal Error:
One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

A components file does not match file verification information present in the component manifest.

And there you have, the one message that has been plagueing me since winter break
did you copy the i386 folder, and all sub-folders, to the hard drive?
i put only the files it couldnt find onto a zip disk and it still did the same thing, so now i will try your way....wish me luck lol

hehe...u know its a really good thing i have incredible patietnce for this kinda thing...since december man since december it kills me i still havent fixed it yet
Ref: XP install

I a have the strongest suspicion that your corp version CD is corrupt. How did you obtain this ? may be it was not burnt properly, did you burn it from ISO ? and used disk at once ? if not get hold of another ISO and burn it again using disk at once method. Then again you must make a bootable CD. How do you make it ? get to this site and it tells you how. (
yes that is exactly what i am starting to believe...though it wouldnt explain how he was able to install it onto a fresh drive when he went home that day....mind bogglin to say the least

ur links busted

oh and i did the try to install from C:\I386 no go, it told me the exact same thing and now for some reason my sys and com files have become missing and or corrupted :(
thanks, i had to re-install 98 cuz i just tried puttin in XP and for some reason when it undid the XP setup files got corrupted *sigh* ill see if i can get my cousin to get the orignial for me so i can burn it myself...thanks again for the link
The error message you are getting would seem to indicate it is NOT a Corporate version.
I'm sure your cousin legally transferred one of the licenses to you. Microsoft should be able to assist you with this problem.
yeah i have had the same thoughts too, but then he did go back and put it onto a fresh harddrive himself that same night, so i dunno...and yeah the cd is totally legit, he gets copies of it from work since he is an IT guy and he gave us one of the copies and we have had absolute crap luck with it
Microsoft & How Helpful they are (NOT)

As to "RELDER"'s Sarcastic Remark as to the Legitimacy of Legend's Copy of XP and "I'm sure Microsoft will help you," Comment. BULL FEATHERS, "SIR!" I have sought your Wonderful MS's Help in past, and yes, ONCE, they were great. Several OTHER TIMES, They were ANYTHING BUT HELPFUL and most of all, they were VERY TARDY! So, Relder, if MICROSOFT was as wonderful as you'd lead us to believe, forums like this one would NOT FLOURISH as amazingly as they do! .....AND AS IF THIS IS A SECRET! What is you have stock in MS??? GRRR.
I had same problem

I had the same problem upgrading from win2000 pro asms error at 36 minutes left to complete install, I tried a few times the folders are on my disk, finally tried a clean install and it worked fine couldnt use the upgrade from 2000, accept now I have a problem after setting up my internet connection where the network properties lags at start up and once I open the task manager I realize it says Im not even logged on
I am having the exact same problem right now except that the problem file is
at line 0

Tried all kind of things, no way to make it work.
A friend of mine burned this copy from his cd, and his installed fine on his computer.
I was getting a similar error when I had an old version of Daemon tools installed, but since you seem to be getting it on clean installs too, the disc is likely to be corrupt.

Only thing I can suggest is you remove any unnessesary hardware while doing the setup, like most people don't need a modem, network card, sound card, second HDD while installing, sometimes it works when you do that, then once XP is booting successfully put all the Hardware back in, and it should detect it all fine on the next boot.
Err... cant remove my hardware, using a laptop!

But i think the problem is my CD is corrupt.

I looked at that file, it should be a manifest file written in xml, but it contains nothing but a bunch of white spaces.

Can someone tell me what is the content of the file (its a text file that can be opened in notepad) and paste it here?

If i know what goes in there, i can repair it, and if i am lucky, the other files are OK.
Well first off as is has been stated your "legal" copy of XP was not burned properly and you need to use CLonedCD on the master to make an exact copy. Try and if you like buy it
Okay guys, I think I figured this one out... for me at least.

***************** BIOS UPDATE ****************

Been working on this problem for a few days now. Building a new system with an Intel D925XCV MB and the new WD Raptor 10000rpm 74GB SATA drive. I think the drive might have freaked XP on the install. At one time, got an "Unknown volume" error at the infamous "39 minute" point of the install. Also, prior to the BIOS update, after partitioning the drive and formatting, was missing a few gigs. After the update, the missing Gigs appeared. I have all 74 now. And the install went flawlessly.

Hope this helps some of you!!! Your posts certainly helped me narrow it down.

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