problems collecting mail from server/provider



I'm not able to get my mail from 4 emailaccounts. I'get the following error messages:

There is a time-out during communication with the
server. Account: 'Raketnet ', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Poort: 110, Secured(SSL): No, Errornumber: 0x800CCC19

I get this error on al 4 different accounts
Who knows the solution? I've had it before but after a while everything was working normal. When I use webmail then everything is working fine but with outlookexpress (pop3) I'get this error.

I'm using XP pro with outlookexpress with a modem connection.

Go under the advanced tab in the account properties and uncheck the "This Server Requires A Secure Connection (SSL)."

Could be that your mail server was down. Also could be a problem with name resolution.

You server is up as of this post. If removing the SSL configuration doesn't work, rule out name resolution by put the IP address in instead of '' The address is
In the advanced tab (properties from the account) there is no possibilty to check on or off the ssl I can only select the windows firewall on or off at that point. The use of gave the same problem. I'm using 4 account and all 4 give the same problem what could be going wrong, something with the firewall?
I've found the check box for the SSL option, but this check box was not on so this is not the solution. (The checkbox was in outlook express under accounts, properties)
You didn't mention the firewall before.
Try opening port 25 for outgoing mail and port 110 for incoming mail.
I've disabled the firewall, but still no result, I get the following error (sorry in dutch)

Er is een time-out opgetreden tijdens de communicatie met de server. Account: 'HCCnet', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Poort: 110, Beveiligd(SSL): Nee, Foutnummer: 0x800CCC19

In english:

There is a time-out during communication with the server. Account: 'HCCnet', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secured(SSL):No, Errornumber: 0x800CCC19

What could be the problem? I don't understand anything about it.

because I had this problem before, I've made a recovery point when my email was working (2 weeks ago) So now everything is working, but what is going wrong the last 2 weeks so email was not worling anymore?

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