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Problems accessing Yahoo with IE6


Walkabout Specialist
I am running on XP PRo with SP2 and all current updates.
IE6 .02900.2180.

logging in to check my yahoo mail I get this message:

Yahoo! may not be optimised for the web browser you are using. Your options are:
Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.1, or Safari 1.2.
Switch back to the Yahoo! version supported by your current browser.

My Yahoo details; Messenger YIMS

Yahoo module 6.0.0 600

I restored back to a time when it was ok and it is still the same.

I guess something is corrupted somewhere, any suggestions please, to get my sanity back :)


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I've seen posts about this elsewhere, and normally the problem solved itself a day or so later. Not really sure if it was on Yahoo!'s end or what, but you might just be patient with it. Aside from that, here are some other suggestions:

-Clear IE's cache and cookies.
-Restart your computer.
-Download Firefox and try logging in with that... if for no other reason than to see if this only occurs with IE. Personally I would use Firefox instead of IE regardless. :)


Walkabout Specialist
Thanks guys,

I downloaded Firefox and it still gives the same message, I guess I am corrupted somewhere.

I also removed Yahoo and re-installed that and it is still the same. :squareeye
Odd. You could try repairing your system files. Pop in the XP CD, open up a command prompt (Start>Run>cmd) and enter "sfc /scannow" at the prompt (without the quotes).


Walkabout Specialist
I finally found out what was causing it.

I had the new Google tool-bar and had removed it and Outlook could not find a reference to Google. I put the office disk in and did a repair and now accessing Yahoo no problems. :)

Many thanks for your replies , much appreciated :)

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