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Problem with Wireless Connection

I recently bought a new laptop (HP zd8000) and I love the thing. I bought it with Home Edition and then reformatted and installed my own legally bought from Staples Professional edition. The zd8000 has a broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN card installed, and i have a linksys WRT54G router. The wired internet with the laptop works, however the wireless does not connect to the outside internet. I inistally thought that this was a problem with the hardware, but when the wireless is on (and the wired connection is not plugged into the laptop) i can connect to the router and acess the status page, as well as acess a local FTP on another machine on my local network, but i cannot view any non-local webpages i.e. google. This was happening when i pulled the machine out of the box and after i reformatted too. Is there a certian setting i need to have on in the router or on the laptop? thank you so much for any help.
forgot to mention: i tried turning the windows firewall on and off without any luck, and also there is no WEP (abviously because i could connect to it and view the status)


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Do you have a manual network address setup? If you do it sounds like you dont have a DNS set. If you have DHCP on, try looking around in the settings for anything that has an option for both wireless and wired. Why not check for new router firmware too :). Also, make sure you dont have a phone in use or a microwave going when you try to connect. Sometimes 2.4Ghz routers dont get along well with those :).
Yeah, it sounds like DNS to me. The fact you can connect to the router, but just cant get any further says to me that there is no hardware fault. Otherwise you wouldn't have connected to the router :p
Check in the properties of the wireless nic, particularly the TCP/IP properties. If you are using DHCP on the router make sure that the ip is set to obtain one automatically, and to obtain dns information automatically.
I am not familiar with linksys hardware so i dont know if there would be any additional configuration in the router setup, but i had this issue just last week with my 3com setup. All i had to do was change the DNS information in properties like suggested above :)

good luck.
hey guys, thanks for the replies. I have checked the settings and everything is on obtain DNS and IP automatically, so I am unsure of what else to do. The problem is still here, and while connected to the router, i can edit information, however i cannot access the outside internet.
i don't want to change it to assigned IPs because i would have to set every computer on my network, and I don't think its worth it. I have another laptop (802.11b) and it works fine. I switched between B-only and G-only broadcasting, and still had no luck. i am getting frustrated, however this is not a hardware problem at all because i can get a connection, maybe it is just the TCP/IP that needs to be removed and re-installed, but even that wouldn't do it.

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Taken from webopedia:

Short for Windows Socket, an API for developing Windows programs that can communicate with other machines via the TCP/IP protocol. Windows 95 and Windows NT comes with Dynamic Link Library (DLL) called winsock.dll that implements the API and acts as the glue between Windows programs and TCP/IP connections.
So from what I gather it allows programs (such as IE) to communicate with the TCP/IP. Maybe something was messed when it cane to traffic outside you LAN.

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