problem with windows on new Comp.


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here is what happened
i am trying to build a new computer but still use the hard drive from my old computer
i would really like to not have to lose all of my information
you are probably thinking i hould just make back up disk from my old computer and then load it to my new computer
this is not possible b/c my old computer has a burnt out cpu
i guess i will just give u my specs for the new and old computer

hp a420n
could not find the mobo specs but it is a oem made buy hp based on a via chipset
120g maxtor sata hard drive(this was a after market part)

939 amd 64 3500+
asus an8 sli deluxe
512 mb duel channel pc3700
single 6600 gt
120g maxtor sata hard drive(used from old comp.)

what will i have to do to get my new computer to boot in to windows?(keeping in mind that i would not like to buy windows or lose all of my old stuff?)

one exta question: is windows 64 beta version still free? and if so where could i get it?
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are you having trouble getting windows to load?
it should load up without any problems unless there are corrupt system files.

win64 is not free to people who purchased a standalone winxp. however, there is a 120 day trial version available.

EDIT: you are recommended to install a fresh copy of windows if you make a major change to the hardware inside your machine such as change of motherboard.


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haven't used sata before, but you probably need to go through setup again.
just throw in the setup cd and press f6 when it asks you whether you need to install additional drivers.
you won't lose any personal data as long as you don't format the drive.


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ming said:
EDIT: you are recommended to install a fresh copy of windows if you make a major change to the hardware inside your machine such as change of motherboard.
y would one be recommended to install windows again if they have a major hardware change

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You can not just hook up that drive to new board as it has a different chipset then your old one.

Best bet would be fresh format/install.

If you need to copy files off of the drive first you could use BartPE.


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He can't copy off the drive his old cpu is bad and the new one won't boot.

First the major issues.
1) You have a Windows version bundled with a major OEM computer (HP). From what I've read as of March this year you can not activate that windows version on a non-HP MB. HP is supposed to transfer the liscence to a new HP MB. I can not confirm this myself because I haven't bought a name brand PC since 1987 (I got screwed once that was enough).
2) You bought a different brand chipset than what you were using before and can not uninstall the old chipset drivers because your old machine is dead.
3) You are using an OEM SATA HD which is not very friendly to setting up a new computer. Especially using an old HP recovery disk or whatever junk they gave you instead of a full copy of Windows.

3 strikes and you're out.

Most likely recovery scenario:
1) Buy a real copy of windows.
2) Buy a cheap ass 10-20 meg, used ide drive for $10-20 and install the new machine using that without the SATA drive installed. (Or buy the 120 gig IDE from WD for $49 after rebate. Then you can back upall your data to it before attempting the risky system transfer to the SATA.)
3) Install the SATA drive and transfer the OS to it then junk the IDE drive. Note you may have to rewrite Track 0 on the SATA drive because windows screws with it as part of it's anti copy protection. (If you opted for the 120gig ide put it in a safe palce and you have a full backup in case soemthing nasty happens in the future).

For future reference:
Stay away from name brand computers.
Don't buy new technology until it is 100% supported.
STay with the same chipset manufacturer, it makes life easier.
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Try repairing windows, hitting F8 when asking for third party SCSI devices and inserting the SATA drivers on a floppy.

THat may get it booting, but Id still recommend a format, this will help you get your data backed up. Multiple partitions help alot in this area. One for apps and one for data.

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LeeJend said:
He can't copy off the drive his old cpu is bad and the new one won't boot.
I was talking about booting new board with BartPE.

I take it you have never used BartPE. :laugh:

BartPE makes a bootable disk that boots to a virtual OS.

You can see all files on the drive just like you are in windows then copy to floppy, another disk or burn to CD/DVD.

You can network in BartPE as well.

You could even go into the registry and remove all the enumerated devices if you wanted to then just run XP repair.

Depending on what you put on the BartPE disk you can do just about anything.

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