Problem with Win-XP machine and win98 on network

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ben1976, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Hi, this is wrong; we have 2 computers standing next to eachothers a windows xp machine and a windows 98 machine.

    They both share one cable connection and they are conected to a router from E-Tech.

    Both computers have internet acces, that works fine.

    the problem is with the local network and sharing files, i have the local network set up, and we both share files, but when i acces the win98 machine i can see the shared directory's, but when i acces a dir the machine lockes or the window does not respond anymore so i have to do alt del and ctrl to get out of it, and mostly that doesnt even work on my xp machine. sometimes the win98 machine crashes too and mostly can not acces the winxp machine, but it is visible.
    When the win98 machine needs to do a reboot then it crashes too again right after it has booted up.

    i dont know how to solve this problem, im not a very good network expert, i have the firewall from xp turned off, so that is not the problem, and both have tcp/ip enabled and file and printersharing too....

    who knows something about this???
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    oh yes, i forgot.
    and netbios is enabled on the win98 machine