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Problem with video

It seems that all my video-codecs has been broken, or at least something in Windows that sends out the video to my screen. I first saw that my DivX movies were cropped, I miss about half the movie, just like all the sides have been trimmed. But then I saw it happened to wmv (Windows Media Format) compressed movies too.
I first suspected the unofficial nVidia drivers (ver 45.20), but I rolled back to 44.03 (they always worked fine), but still, the problem exists.
As I said, I don't think the codecs are a problem, since it happened out of no where (videos were good, even after I installed the unofficial drivers, for some time), and all of the compression formats seem to be affected.
Does anyone know a solution, do I have to re-register some file with regsrv32?

ps. I already uninstalled Kazaalite codec pack, to see if that worked, but that didn't matter. It did work before with the pack installed.
Aha! I found it. It turned out to be a setting in the nVidia control panel. You can set a zoom level in the video-overlay and that was set to maximum. I first didn't know what it was, so I played with it, but with no (apparently) effect. I never thought about it, until I installed a nVidia tweaking program (nvhardpage) and there I saw the option and the word 'Video-overlay'. DOH!

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