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Problem with UXTheme, and webcam Software


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Well... After using the UXTHEME patch, for some reason a certain software application will not work anymore. The software is put out by Logitech, and is called IM Video Companion. The problem lies in the fact that this is the ONLY software i have been able to find that will add WEBCAM functionality to AIM. Here is a link to the Logitech Software.


I know that the problem lies in the UXTHEME file because I tried the webcam SW on my other computer, both before and after using the patch, and before the patch, the software worked, and as soon as i restarted after running the patch, the software crashed on every open with an error of the following:

"The instruction at "0X00416f33" referenced memory at "0X0057a000". The memory could not be "read".

Standard MS BS... I have tried to unpatch the dll, but i still have the same problem with the webcam. I have also tried uninstalling, and reinstalling the logitech software as well as camera drivers. and MANY combinations of the preceding three. If anyone knows WHY this might be.. or maybe some other software that will integrate a webcam with AIM... Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Try finding the installed program, right clicking it, then properties.

There will be an option in the 'compatibilit' tab that will allow you to disable visual themes for the app, this may help :)


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Ya know about 5 min before you typed that i was trying it.... but unfortunately it didnt curb the problem... does anyone know if the NTFS Official Patch changes anything besides the UXTheme.dll??


Thanks for the help Speedy...


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Look for a file called quartz.dll in your system32 directory it sometimes get curruptud just delet the file reboot and windows will repair itself with a good ver of this file and your problem should be solved i had to troubleshoot a logitech digicam and this was the cause of it's problem..

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