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Problem with TV-IN / WDM driver on Asus v8200 (OR nVidia driver)


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Just wondering if someone out there had encountered the same problem and may be help me out.

I have a Asus V8200 Deluxe card, everything works fine with the driver and WDM from Asus (2 years ago). But I recently upgraded the driver to nVidia's latest driver for GPU cards, and also install the latest WDM driver from nVidia (to stablize the crash caused by Guild War). Everything works fine except my Tv-IN or video capture. But I found one thing interesting, all programs I use to view the TV-in are not showing anything except Window Movie Maker, the preview screen is showing perfectly. But none of the other program I try, Ulead Video Studio / TVviwer / original Asus digital VCR etc work. And Movie Maker's preview screen is just not suitable for me to watch live TV.

Appreciate any direction you can give me :)

Just a guess, but the first thing I suspect is the new drivers include digital rights management. Windows has incorporated the newest protection schemes. Many others are not jumping on board yet so are incompatible.

A two year old vid card would not have the digital rights management hardware so may not be compatible with the latest software.

They are messing up anaolg as well as digital signals now, but if you have HDTV or are coming off a newer satellite or cable tuner box don't be surprised if your card becomes worthless.

I now have a vid capture card from ATI, a DVD player and a DVD/VCR which are incompatible with much of the older TV/Video equipment I have.

The DVD player manufacturer suggest you buy all new TVs.

Welcome to the consumer friendly world of Digital Rights Management.

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