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Problem with sound card


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Hey, I'm using a sound blaster audigy, and have been having problems lately. The sound will be working fine then i will go to bed leaving the computer on and when i wake up, theres no longer an audio device in my computer according to windows. I haven't found a quick fix for this, I have ensured that the hardware is in the mother board properly...i've tried doing a fresh install of windows...The sound card does work i've tried it in another comp, when i turn this one on i hear the pop of the subs so I know that it's getting power..thanks for any help!


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Noob question, how would i go about changing the latency of pci to 32? I have tried changing slots, I put the network card in the one the sound card is in and it didn't work, then put the sound card in and it worked in the slot the network card didnt work. But I sappose I can use my onboard network card for now and remove the network card...but wait i dont think it's even detected. Damnit :(

I downloaded PCI Latency Tool 3, and Through the list it sais the latency is 000 for everything...
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just change the 000 to 032 for the sound card. 000 is a touch too low :)

Onboard lan may be disabled in the bios. If your network card is intel or 3com though you may not want to do that :)


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But it looks like my video card isn't on there either, ati x850 platinum, but that's obviously working..Should i change the latency on anything in that list?
Is ther computer staying active or is energy saving droping it into hibernate or another loiw power mode? those modes have issues waking up. try just having energy savings kill the monitor and hd's. if the audio stays up then you at least know your hardware is good.

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