Problem with Primary Slave (HDD)


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16 Jan 2004
Heres the problem:

I have two Hard Disk Drives on my Primary Cable, master is a 60Gig Maxtor and slave is a 40Gig Maxtor but I am experiencing the following problem:

The slave hard drive will not detect correctly. It will show up on boot up and in windows but I dont have access to it without it asking me to format it. Also, it shows up as "Maxtor0" under the device manger which is incorrect as well

If I slave the drive off my burner on the secondary cable, it will work fine. If this is not enough info let me know! Thanks for the help :cool:

Are you sure the Master/Slave jumpers are set right on the two drives?
Also make sure it is not a Chip Select type cable (unlikely).

The older WD drives had the picture backwards depending on how you held the drive when reaqding it.
Yes I am pretty sure they are right. I even went to the maxtor site and got the pin diagram from there. I am thinking that it "might" have to do with the power supply cause I do have alot on it and its only 200W as far as I know
OUCH, 2 hd, 2.4 gig, 800 MHZ FSB p4 and only a 200W Power Supply? You're lucky its running at all.

BUT, if the rest of the system is working it's probably not the power supply. You'd see crashes, BSODs etc.

If you suspect the power supply is overloaded pull some RAM and the CD drive to reduce load and try again.
toretto said:
heh, just put in a diffent IDE cable.

I had that problem at one time :) Got a new drive for a slave and it wouldn't work until I changed the cable with the one that came with it. Ahh the good ol days :)
I had a similar problem where my HDDs would sometimes detect and sometimes not. I brought a new ATA cable, and it works fine now. You could also try defaulting BIOS.
Okay I will try getting a new cable then. But before I do I would like to ask two things. First, I would like to have a rounded cable because of space purposes and looks (Thermaltake Case w/side window) but I was wondering if they have a history of having problems or not? And also, does the length of the cable that I get make a difference in performance, or creating errors, ect? For example having a 10" as opposed to a 32"? I am going to measure the length I need first anyway but I felt that I should ask all you guys/gals first!!! Take A Look

Thanks for the help :cool:

Also, I have a 480W Thermaltake PUS Ordered Here if you would like to see that as well
As far as IDE cables:

The spec only calls for max of 18" flat ribbon cables. Anything else is out of spec.

Now the reality: Seems up to 24" round cables are ok. I've heard mixed results of the 36 inchers.
if speed, accuracy and reliable are impotant to you, go with standard 18" flat ribbons. If looks is more important than use rounded longer cables...

In the rounded cables, the lines arent as well shielded from noise/each other. In the longer ribbons, there is more signal degredation the further the data has to travel.
i have 36 inch round ide cables, i see no or detect no problems or performace losses do to the cable switch, i just did it to help with cooling.
Found the problem.

Faulty Drive all along

But I still have the PSU and rounded cales coming anyways! Thanks for all the help

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