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problem with P4P800


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I recently bought an ASUS P4P800, along with a pentium 4 HT running at 3.0 ghz and two sticks of 256 mb. DDR ram. Everything seems to fit fine, and I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly. But when I boot up all I get is a black screen. I cant even access the BIOS. If anyone has any idea of what could be wrong please let me know as soon as possible.


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hey sorry about the multiple posting, but when I tried to submit it said there was a problem so i did it again. My power supply doesnt have the 4 pin lead...its just has the 20 pin one...I'll try a different power supply...i know the graphics card isn't the problem, because I'm using the RCA built into the board. Thanks for all your help so far, if you find out anything else please let me know
First things to check:

Are the fans running after you press the power button? If no check:
-Is the power supply plugged into a good outlet, any back panel switches turned on, etc.
_Are both connectors plugged intot he MB? The bigger one and the little 4 pin are both required. Note newer MB's have an longer ATX 2.0 connector that has both the small and larger MB connectors in it
-You have the case switch on the right MB header pins.
-That the MB is centered properly on the mounting screw holes. (Screw heads should be in the center of the solder pads on the top of the MB, not shifted.) If off center the MB circuitry can short ot the case preventing start up.

-If all that's good pull out the RAM and disconnect all HD's, case fans etc. (Keep the CPU HSF plugged in) And power up again. If the fans spin up add stuff back one at a time looking for which item is killing the power supply.

If the fans are spinning check:
-The CPU fan is spinning and it's sensor (yellow lead) is plugged into the MB.
-Do the keyboard lights flash? Yes tells you the CPU and MB Bios are running.
-Are there any beeps (case speaker must be connected to the MB). Manual tells oyu what is failing if multiple beeps occur.

If the fans are spinning and there are no keyboard lights or beeps then the MB or CPU is dead.


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well I checked my power supply and it doesnt have the 4 pin connector, so that might also be the problem. As of now, when I turn on the computer, the fans start spining, and the keyboard lights turned on. But none of my hard drives, or cd rom drives are spinning and none of the lights for the cd roms are on. The light for the floppy disk is on, but when I put in a bootdisk, nothing happens. I still cant get into the BIOS, and I still have no picture. If the 4 pin will make that much of a difference, while all the other stuff works please let me know

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HostileApostle said:
My power supply doesnt have the 4 pin lead...its just has the 20 pin one.
Without the 4 pin connector attached you will have a blank screen problem and that is why I asked earlier.
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You can get a molex flat to 4 pin square adapter for a couple bucks. Try and put it on a lead from the power supply that is not going to HD or CD/DVDs.

And fot that matter what is the +12V rating on your power supply. it needs to be 18amps. If it isn't don't bother with the adapter, just get a new PS. The older ones don't all support the hot new MB & Vid cards.

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