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problem with new ati drivers


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i have a problem with the new drivers. when i start up my pc i get this error:
CLI.exe - Application Error

The application failed to intialize properly (0xc0000135) Click on ok to terminate the application.
i have uninstalled and re-installed the driver. nothing on the ati site as of yet. anyone else have this problem?


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I was having a problem with there control panel sounds like it might be the same thing but mine only showed an error if I tried to run the control panel so I just reinstalled without there control panel and it all works fine for me now.


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if you are using the catalyst control panel, just do what unwonted suggested...

alternatively it should work fine w/o the catalyst control panel...


also had problems with 4.10 cats, radeon 9700 pro and the game call of duty, and united offensive.. game just kept locking up..

went back to 4.9's and everything hunky dory again:)
The new Catalyst Control Panel (CLI.exe) is built around the .NET Framework and requires it to run, kind of like when you had to install Java on Windows back in the day to run stuff in java. I'm sure the next service pack (or Windows incarnation) will include .NET 1.1 or higher. For now though, it's an extra install, unless you make an unattended CD and put it into Windows there ;)

ATI has two versions of this driver available with the old control panel and the new one.


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afaik it is supposed to be built into sp2.

what ati is seeking to do (and nvidia should probably have a similar content delivery setup once they get their .net framework up and running wrt control panel) is simply send updates to the control panel/driver via the .net delivery framework instead of having people download a whole driver over and over...

this is the ultimate goal and it will indeed make life a lot easier for all of us as well as dial-up users...

when this will happen, I have no idea...

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