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problem with network under xp pro

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i have 2 pcs at home
adsl connection
and hub
everything is set correctly, ips and all, both of the pcs see each other
but i have one problem :(
internet connection is shared, on the pc with the connection works perfectly, but on the other pc, some websites are somehow blocked
i can go to google and stuff, but website like www.rage3d.com wont work :(

help would be really appreciated :)

update : btw, i dont have any firewall on the conected pc
This sounds like a classical MTU problem. Do some search on any DSL tweak sites or this site about lowering your MTU value. This should get you plenty of info. Good luck! :)


ill try the mtu but im sure its not that :/
hope i wont need a router :|
thx for the help

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