Problem with Nero install... ISO.



I was having an issue with burning iso's and cue bins... What was told to me by ahead was to uninstall and reinstall, well when I try to reinstall it asks to select which users to give the ability to burn with.. I am the only user and setup as admin of course. well in the box the dang thing is blank and nothing is selectable except cancel.. anyone have this problem?? Or anyone know what tha heck i can do?

Download a newer version of Nero. Versions from 5.5.5.x are compatible with XP
the 2 that are out

The two which i can recall that are out are: and

The problem is, is that Ahead told me to reinstall the original and then to update to because of a burn issue I was having. I was able to install nero initially but now cannot for some reason. when i install and cracked nero by itself it kept reading my bin/cue's wrong.. reporting them as like 1080mb when they were like 400mb so I could not burn them.
I could use a full iso of or higher but have not found one..
I am also having issues with Quicktime but am almost certain it is directx 8.1 related.
try and extract the isos or whatever isobuster and what not...
might e a corrupt file?
I have already used winimage to extract the bin/cue, and it does still does not work.. any other suggestions??
Never got that install to work, but nero did just release and that installed fine and of course had a serial # and now everything is burning great.. atleast I think:p ;)
There's also an update that should help with problems with nero 5.5 You can download it from

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