Problem with Mac Desktops on windows


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I have a prob when I running a mac type desktop on windows (where the task bar is at the top). What happens is when I maximize a window the title bar goes underneath the taskbar. Is there any way to stop this ?? and is anyone else having this prob ??


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I know what you mean and get this w/ all the new themes I have tried since moving my taskbar to the top :( I would very much like to know if there is a "fix" also
I sometimes encounter the problem when the window is not fully maximized. I just have to right-click the entry on the taskbar, and select Maximize, and it goes back to being normal.
I know it's not a fix as such, but it's a workaround, I suppose. :)


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thekore said:
i used to get this, but then i stopped being cheap and bought a mac :p

the real thing is much better anyway :D
I want a mac. But don't know if I am ready for it yet ..


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Johnny if you can get the funds, go for it... the transfer is seemless, you can get all the software you need.
i have used DOS 6.0+ Windows 3.1 / 3.11 / 95 / 98 / ME / 2K / XP / Longhorn
Linux Gentoo / BSD / Slackware (the best *nix ;)) / Mandrake / Suse / RH / Fedora / Ark Linux...... the list goes on (probably on the verge of 20 distros, maybe more)
and OSX :D

out of all them OSX wins hands down

when / if you go for a mac get plenty of memory tho, i have 640 PC2700 ;)

anyway, lets get back On Topic :)


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O.k I figured it out .. All you have to do is unlock the taskbar :) It was so simple to fix, yet so easy to bypass lol ..


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Johnny said:
O.k I figured it out .. All you have to do is unlock the taskbar :) It was so simple to fix, yet so easy to bypass lol ..
not really the fix I want as I knew of this already .. not a "true" fix :/

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