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Problem with linksys router


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Hi, I have installed a linksys router, and in the mist of trial and error, i was testing a theory and i changed the router's default ip address and now when i try to log into the router with the new ip address and even with the old ip address, it says page not found. it no longer has the internet, and i cannot seem to change the ip address back to the default. so my question is, is there some way to reset the router back to all defaults as to when it was boughten? if not what am i to do about configuring it to work?

any and all help is appreciated



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Hold in the reset button (normally on the back/bottom) with a paperclip for ~30 seconds (or until the lights start flashing). This will reset it back to default.


OSNN One Post Wonder
i got Linksys Broadband wireless router. I fixed it in sitting room that is round 15meters away from my room. but im having really low signals. I got laptop and wireless adaptor. is that problem with router setting or its due to my wireless adaptor? coz i didnt try it with different adaptor... but i tried with my psp but again low signal on that as well....
can any1 plzzz help me out ?

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