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Problem with ICS

I have enabled ICS on my XP machine that has the modem attached to it and I enabled my other machine on the network to get its IP via DHCP. I get on the other machine and run a ipconfig /all from the command prompt to verify it got a IP and it did. I pinged www.yahoo.com and got a response. But...when I opened my browser...it would not go to http://www.yahoo.com. It says it can't find the page. I verified that I could ping the site still but still no luck on the webpage. I think double-checked the IP configuration on the ICS box and remembered I had put in static IP addresses of some public DNS servers. I then put these in on the other machine but still no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
welp...I took the static IPs out and let it get the DNS IP addresses from my ISP on the dialup box and the other machine was set back to get the DNS addresses automatically....still no go...there is one thing I forgot to mention...and I feel like a dumbass for just now remembering it...I am running OutPost Pro Firewall on the dialup box...could that be the problem?...:(
well son of a gun...that was it...I remember reading now in the pdf for outpost that they didnt promise it would work on an ICS machine...hmmm...now what to do about the firewall eh?...heh


norton personal firewall 2002 and norton internet security 2002 have always worked well for me.... on the free side, zone alarm works with connection sharing.... good luck.

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