Problem with ICQ under Windows XP


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Hey all. I am experiencing a problem with ICQ on Windows XP. I have ICQ version 2001B Build #3659. The thing that I am noticing a lot is that you know how when you get a message, the ICQ Flower Icon turns into a blinking message. A lot of the time it will freeze...when I get a message it will stay as a flower, or turn into a blank symbol, or stay as the message icon not will just freeze. Any ideas?


I have the same prob, so does my friend in win2k.

Guess you can blame aol for crap-a-zing icq. You should try trillian


I have ICQ 2001B V5.17 Build 3642 and don't have any problems. Maybe you should try going back to build 3642. As for Trillian, I had nothing but problems while using that program. It shut down Norton Personal Firewall and my Antivirus :(


I too have had the same problems with icq. I finally gave up and went with trillian. I also run nortons and it did not effect my firewall or av. nor have I heard of this happening til now. One thing I will say about trillian is as soon as I was on Trillian with my icq number, I started getting spammed. So naturally, as I went back to icq itself, the spam carried over. Not sure what happened, but I eventually just changed over to a new icq number now.


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I want to stay away from Trillian. I dont like its interface, I just dont like it to begin with. I also dont want to revert versions back, because of the fact that this version of ICQ stores their list back onto their servers, adn I lose my list a lot.


Build 3642 also stores your contact list on it's server. If you decide to revert back but can't find an older version, contact me and I'll send you v5.17 Build 3642.


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I have had this problem a couple of times on my computer at work running Win98, never had the problem at home under 98 or XP. The only way I have found to correct it is to completely uninstall ICQ, including all registry entries, and then reinstall ICQ. The problem only seems to occur after doing a version upgrade of ICQ.


i use winxp with icq 2000b (cant remember what build, but i managed to kill the adverts on it anyway). no problems with it... the earlier versions of icq are best... aol didnt get a chance to crap it up so quickly... it gets worse as newer versions come out :/

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