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problem with external hard drive **help needed*


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i have a Maxtor 3000LE external hard drive. it has never given me problems till recently. when i plug it into the computer... it acts like its reading the info on the hard drive. then it acts like its finished. i go to My Computer and i see the hard drive. i go to click it and it freezes. i have no idea what is going on and why its doing this?
does anyone have a solution to this problem? the only disc that came with the hard drive was a driver cd for Windows 98 :( and i have tried plugging the hard drive into other comps and it does the same thing :(


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us it a usb or firewire hard drive? Im not sure if they can be both, but if it is, try using the other connection


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jesterkiller00 said:
it freezes up when i go to scan it :(
I would consider sending it back if it still under warrenty, if you play your cards right they might give you a free upgrade :p. It's really sad when this happens, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.
Try it in another USB port and try it with another usb cable (make sure it's USB 2.0 ports and cables).

If that fails try it on another computer.

If that fails it's RMA time.

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