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Problem with Ekko on the frontpage + Mozilla thing

Unfortunately the comments box as well in Ekko as in Ekko Expanded is messed up. See attached picture to see what I mean.
This occurs in Mozilla 1.3 and in Internet Explorer 6 SP1.

The other thing I am having problems with, but only in Mozilla, are the sizes of the text-boxes, like the on I am typing this message in and the Quick Reply box. The height is OK, but the width is too small compared to IE6 (about half the size).


I may actually be insane.
Noticed the front page today. Is that a new problem? I don't often comment on news articles..

And the I've just gotten used to the text boxes on the forums, doesn't bother me too much now. :)

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Ok, I see it in Ekko Expanded, but not in ekko... can you recheck its in ekko...

What resolution?

(can only test with ie6 atm)


I may actually be insane.
It is in Expanded, not 'ekko'
Res : 1600x1200, doesn't change if I make the browser really slim though, it's too many table cells that are the problem (or not enough colspan/rowspan's)

Electronic Punk

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Thats a little strange... as it doesn't seem to restored the changed templates to default after I slapped the theme over the top. Lost? Doesn't matter ;)

I'll see if it is a bug and tell Tingle.

Electronic Punk

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Fixed, sadly my suspisions are confirmed. Basically here is the lowdown.

Ekko Expanded came first.

Ekko came second and as my preference I decided to make this the theme that I would edit (the only differences between ekko and ekko expanded were the fixed and percentage widths switching between the headline box and the main page width between the two.)

To save time I therefore exported ekko and reimported it as ekko expanded and quickly made the changes.

Templates I had reverted back to the default in ekko were not reverted when I imported ekko over the top of ekko expanded.

Hence the problem, I'll have to go thru each page in ekko now to make sure there were no changes, unless a patch is released soon.
This Firebird, what are the differences with Mozilla, keeping in mind that I only use Mozilla for browsing (no newsgroups, mail or shiz)? Then I am going to install it too. Oh, a d/l link would be cool too.

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