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Gary Pandher

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9 Mar 2004
Im sure many of you know about Diablo 2 LOD its a pretty old game now i guess but many still play it. The problem i keep having is this:

Every time i kill a 'boss' moster at the end of an act...the cpu seems to freeze up..the cd drive spins up and then after its done spinin up the game comes back to life again..but by then..everything is done with..the monster has died..the items have dropped...and everyone gets them :mad: thats begining to be a problem for me..does anyone know why this happens?..i did a FULL install..full complete and everything...and still dont understand why this happens...could anyone guide me as to how i can fix this?
This game is slow as hell when trying to kill Diablo with my A64, so I think the game needs a slap!
no no..the game doesn't lag for me at all...its just that it just spins up..then it goes...n im not sure y that is
turn the music off, the music is what the cd spins up for, ever notice the earie music that starts right when u kill him? anywho just listen to winamp in the backround or something if you need music.
Until the team and decide what our stance on game cracks is, I have removed the link above and stand by our decision not to allow links to cracks on the forums.

I obviously don't mind discussion about cracks, especially in the case of games such as Diablo2 which requires a legit. cd key before games can even happen online, but I can't allow links to be posted. Google can easily find that stuff.

To be honest, I use a Diablo2 no-cd key patch myself, as I also experienced CD spinning up (old games = old cds)

sigsays, you are fairly new, but now you know :)

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