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I have a strange problem.
When I turn on my computer and boot into XP, after XP is up my computer freezes. That's happening 10 seconds after XP is up. But if I manage to restart computer in those 10 sec. , and after XP is up again, everything works perfect.
I thought that its XP related problem and installed w2k. Now when I boot into w2k (comp. was off) it freezes on w2k splash screen. And that's happening only after I turn on comp., not after restart.
I have tried everything: reformating hard drive and removing devices.
Anyone can help me? I'm tired of restarting my comp after its up.

My config:
Athlon 1400MHz
Soltek sl75drv latest BIOS
256Mb DDR
TNT2 M64
IBM 40 Gb 7.200 rpm

Ahy1 help? Please...
You dont give much info - but i had a similiar problem after frying my geforce aaaggghhhhh damn you overclockers for getting me into that :D :D

Also do a tufftest just in case its flakey hardware. This sounds most likely if it occurs on 2 OS`s

Take the lid off and push everything in nice and tight [so to speak]

come back if all that fails mmmm If your puter lets you ;)
Ha - my moto is learn something new each day :D

I hadnt noticed a favourites in regedit hahaha excellent APK

Guess where I am off

Hi all.
First, thanks for your replys.
I haven't tried to disconnect all parts of my comp and build comp from scratch...
Right now, I am using little app (written few days ago using delphi 6 ent :)) to restart my comp after it's up. This is workaround...
I'll try to build comp again from scratch, and also to try another video card.

In my registry, there is nothing strange, only my little app restart.exe started in RUN section :)

Hi AlecStaar.
My little delphi app is here to help me with my problem :)
My computer freezes after I turn it on, and I must restart it to work on it. So, I have written restart.exe to do dirty work for me: to restart my computer BEFORE it freezes, because it freezes ~10 sec after its up.

Originally posted by AlecStaar

Sounds great!

How does this application of yours sense a "seizure" coming on?

* That is the part that sounds VERY wild & cool about it to me...

(You do not have to answer that if you do not want to, I can understand keeping SOME things secret about how it's written, especially regarding how it sounds like it operates... very neat!)


P.S.=> Are you checking for memory run-outs in Virtual Memory & RAM, or CPU spikages?? I can see that... apk

I can send you source code of that program. It's console app reading from registry is it allowed to restart or not and setting flag allowing restart. I have put reference to it in RUN section of HKLM.
What do you think about "Are you checking for memory run-outs in Virtual Memory & RAM, or CPU spikages?? I can see that... apk"? I don't understand. Sorry, my english is not so good.

Originally posted by AlecStaar

Ok, I see how that's done... not what I was thinking it did!

I know how to do that pretty much, on the reg being opened/readwrite/closed etc....

(Cool you did it as a console app though, very "non-std." for Delphi usually... I have code for it, but have forgotten it over time, but have it on CD someplace having experimented with it years ago in Delphi 3.0)

* Send code if you like to:

I thought you were detecting for losses in RAM, both real & virtual as well as CPU 100% use spikes coming on & sending OS a message to shutdown before a crash kind of thing...

I misunderstood you is all! I see you are setting a flag in the registry to allow or disallow restart, not testing OS conditions all the time with it resident.

* There is a dirty flag on shutdowns too I believe in registry on Win32 Os of ALL types, is this the one you are writing/reading from? Just curious...

APK [/B]

I am sending you src. And I am not using that dirty flag on shutdown, if something like that exists. But.... you'll see from code. Also, I am restarting my computer using restart.exe from now, see src.
Do you have some examples using WebSnap and InternetExpress and XML? I need that badly!!!


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