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Problem with CD ROM Drive

I have a Creative 52XCD Rom that just spits out a CD if you put one in. It must be a hardware problem as I have formatted several times since the problem began, also my CD Burner works fine. Is it shot?


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Probably the drive. I was never a fan of creative drives. They have stopped making them now thankfully.
Yeah it's the drive. Could be like a friend of mine had. The cable to the laser pickup got "shaved" everytime the pickup moved. After a while it had shaved through the insulation and the copper. Not a nice sight... ;)

I had a 52x Creative too. It ate CD:s. If you accidentally ejected the CD during reboot it would eject the tray with the CD still halfway in (spinning like crazy), directly close the tray again and *wirrrrr* *clunk!*. Bye bye CD... Made some pretty nasty markings in there surface of the CD... :(


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Originally posted by Ragnarok
Damn... looks like I need a new CD-ROM then...
*chucks his Creative 52X CD-ROM out the window*
I hear they make good paper weights :D

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