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Problem with built-in CD-Burining feature of WinXP


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I have five drives on my PC here's the list

80gb disk ->
C:\ (system)
D:\ (my stuffs)

20gb disk ->
E:\ (warehouse)

removable ->
F:\ (CD burner)
G:\ (DVD rom)

When I first installed WinXP (SP2) my 20gb disk has 2 partitions in it and later I formatted the drive and create one whole-disk partition which caused the CD-Burner and DVD drive letter to change to E:\ and F:\ following drives on my 80gb disk (the new partition assigned G:\ drive by windows) so I use the computer management console to reassign the drive letter

I change the two cd dvd drives to h:\ and I:\ so i could place my new partition as E:\ and then later reassign F:\ and G:\ to cd-burner and dvd rom drive

the problem is that after reassigned new drive letters, the windows built-in cd-burning wizard no longer detect my CD-R discs.

When I click on the "Write these files to CD" and name my disc, the wizard told me to insert a blank disc in the CDR drive which there is one already.

Is there any way I can get the CD burning feature in windows to work properly again or I'll have to switch to easycd creator or nero ??


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Totally agree with Lord on that one. The built-in burner can't do any more than 650/700mb. i.e. can't do DVDs.


Dabba Dooba
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yeah not sure why you would use xp's burning program. Nero is an awsome program to use for burning things to cd/dvd. I havent had a prob with it and i reccommend it to everyone.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Theres nothing wrong with the built in burner. Works fine for simply burining files to disk, not everyone wants to buy a heavy duty package like Nero just to burn some files.

I find it annoying when people only say "use program X, cause i use it" instead of finding a solution. The bottom line is the XP software should work.

Saying that, I don't have a definate answer. Firstly What make is the drive?

check the properties of the CD-RW drive and make sure windows sees it as a CD writer.

try deleteing the drive from device manager (and reg check here) and have windows re-detect it

make sure the discs aren't faultuy (try them in someone elses drive)

Use a cd cleaner on the drive

ummm. probably more...

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When I first install windows the first thing I do when booted up is change all my storage device letters to X Y Z. Then it is never an issue when adding drives or partitions.

See if the built in burner is enabled also>>

Open up the Explorer
Right click on the drive that is your CD burner
Select Properties
Click on the Recording tab
Check Enable CD recording on this drive
I'd try what Khayman suggested. Removing the drive from Device Manager and getting it re-detected might very well solve the problem.

Khayman said:
I find it annoying when people only say "use program X, cause i use it" instead of finding a solution.
Really gets on my nerves too... :dead:
a) you dont have to buy nero comes with most every burner on earth.
b) xp's burner is a trimmed verison of roxio easy cd which is known to cause issues with windows as windows own buring service does
c) I dont talk ****, when I recommend an app its becasue it will do the job the person wanted and it will solve the problem stated you should all know that well enough by now.

so my instuctions/advice/ still stands. do not use xp's built in burner - use nero it coems with your burner and is a far more elegant solution.


I'm sorry Hal...
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1) It comes with some writes if you buy them retail. I, and many people, buy mostly OEM which comes with nothing. Other writers come with other softwear
2) It was known to cause some problems back before SP1, frankly i havn't heard of many any since (although i'm sure like all parts of Windows some people have had problems since). But it works for most people fine, as it should and they should be able to use it if they want.
3) Who said you where talking ****? no one. No one questioned the use of Nero, that it might work. I love Nero, use it all the time (and its not like people never have a problem with Nero either). Plus you don't *know* it will solve the problem, the problem may prevent any burner program from working.
But when something clearly isn't working right its better to fix that problem first and then say "but you should really use Nero since its 1000 times better than Windows burner and it may have come with your drive", rather than just paper over the crack

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