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problem with ati drivers

I put in the new ati drivers the other day(6218). They really boosted my pc2001 marks up but everytime I reboot my main and secondary monitor are switched and I have to switch back so the crt is the 1 monitor. Anyone know a fix for this? None of the previous drivers ever did this. Its kinda annoying.


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would not be able to tell you m8... though this does seem odd.. I had a similar problem with OLDER ati drivers... hydravision from like 3 driver revisions ago...

at THAT time the only thing I could do was basically before I turned off my computer, turn off hydravision support for dual monitor and then start hydravision again when you start your computer again...

but a better suggestion would be to revert back to an older version of hydravision where this was not happening... there is a new leaked version on the web but at the moment it only works for mobile ati chipsets... hopefully the next cats will fix your problem..
Thanks Sazar, Ive been messing with drivers for the last week now and come up with this. Hydravision does not seem to be the problem. I went back to my earliest version and the problem still was there. Tried every version of hydravision I could find and tha same. Its gotta be the new display drivers. Went back to version (6200) but forgot I had a problem with them too. Screen goes black upon reboot unless I install them through device manager using update driver. Went back 1 more time to (6166) and the newest hydravision and all is well again. Wish I could use the newer drivers but it just doesnt seem to be happenin for me.
Hopefully Ill have better luck with the next set. Thanks Again.


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im not impressed in the way ati have released these new drivers

i have a radeon 8500 all in wonder, and am using the same drivers i got with the card

the updates almost always screw one thing or another up :s


bummer about that.. I tried 6218 but they didn't seem too good on my machine.. 6200 and 6193 work great..


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the latest cats do seem to have caused some probs..

they are dx9 drivers for dx9 released by m$

the problem may be either dx9 is not polised enough or the drivers have problems with some of the radeon lineup..

personally I have no problems... my radeons have always worked flawlessly out of the box...

if a particular driver set does not work well... just roll back...

I used to do that with the older cats... since they were not as stable as some sets with some of my apps...

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