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problem with 5744


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i just installed 5744 on my pc all was going great until i installed either one of these apps, Daemon tools 4 and the latest nero 7.5.7. after installed (both these programs were installed right before the reboot but not installed at the same time.), i cannot boot back in to vista. i get to the point on what OS to choose, once i choose vista i just get a black screen. I let it run for about 45 minutes and gave up. I am dual booting with XP i tried rebooting into safe mode for vista but it stops at the WDFGR file. i think that is the boot manager for vista? did this some how get corrupt from installing those two apps? how can i fix this?

There are known issues with Nero 6 and Vista - not sure if they have fixed it yet, something to do with the Windows DVD program on Vista.

In any case, try a clean install of Vista, I don't think this one's coming back.

Not very helpful, but I can't see the way out of this issue at this time.

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