Problem with 2nd network card

ok, I have a linksys card installed in my com puter. I wanted to connect a 2nd card in order to network. I install the card phisically with no problem, but when XP tries to install the driver (or I do it manually) it has a problem. It tells me that there was a problem (code 1). I know it is not the card being faulty becsause I tried it with a third card that I know works. I tried moving it to different PCI slots and nothing. Any suggestions would be helpfull thanx


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Is there any more information with the Code 1?

Also, can I get details on the rest og your hardware?

#3 just says:
and on the bottom:
Data is invalid (Code 1)

I have an asus thunderbird mobo with an athlon 1000mhz. Gforce 2 gts vid card, Sound blaster pro sound card, Other linksys net card, 768mgs ddr ram...etc

I talked to the linksys people and they have no clue what the problem is.


They could be fighting for the same interrupt. What was the 3rd card that you tried? Was it a different make/model from the Linksys pair that you are trying to use? You could *try* to manually assign an IRQ and memory range to one, and then install the other.

However, did you make SURE the other Linksys works by removing the original one and just using the second one by itself? That way you know that they card works fine before you start fiddling with things unecessarily.

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