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I just bought a 19" Hyundai LD90+. I made the choice after reading a review on tomsardware. I have a problem viewing text in MS word: if I turn off font smoothing or using standard, it looks awful, fat worse that on the old Philips 150B4 I'm using right now. If I use clear type, the letters are edged with red and green!! On the internet blue vertical lines are fringed with pink mauve. I know that "interpolation?" by clear type generates this, but you are not supposed to see the colors when viewing normally. Pictrures seem OK though. I've tried playing around with intensity, contrast and gamma, using imagetune (came with the monitor) and adobe gamma, but cannot get rid of this. I updated graphics card drivers (ATI Radeon 9200 SE), no luck. Another thing, at a particular time as windows is starting and there is a black background you see this light all along the bottom edge. It just "switches on" and shines upwards. If you put in a black background on the desktop it is also there. I'll be taking the monitor and PC to the technician of the shop where I bought it by the weekend. But I know that customer service in Belgium really sucks. Has anyone had this sort of problem or can suggest how to deal with it?


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I am not 100% sure on this, but I believe a friend of mine bought that exact model (not sure what the model number is) and had similar problems. He had to RMA it to get a new one. I guess a bad batch got out or something.

Is this the 8ms "gaming monitor"?
Yes the 8ms. Tomshardware's final word in the consclusion was "Thus, the Hyundai L90D+ gets our Editor's Choice award." Unless there's something wrong with my settings or graphics card, the only thing Tom's right about is the very clumsy adjustment buttons. The ergonomics are not great either, as described: you can tilt it back and forth, raise and lower it, and turn it at 90°, but if I raise it above minimum level I'll break my neck looking up at it, and there's no "click" position for the normal horizontal position. I'm taking it into work tomorow to try it on a different PC. RMA is what I want to do, but that's like trying to shove it down their throat over here:). If anyone is thinking of buying one like it, hold on a bit till I tell you what happens.

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