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Problem: vertical green lines during post

Today my new mobo has decided to cause me a bit of grief.
During the post screens (when starting up the computer) multiple vertical green lines have taken to appearing all over the display. I know it's nothing simple like the monitor or the monitor cable/connector since there are 4 screens before loading windows (see below) and the green lines appear only during the 2nd screen, the main bios screen.
1st- video card screen,
2nd- main bios screen: memory check/IDE device detect, <-- Problem (randomly) occurs here
3rd Gigaraid bios,
4th Sata detect

I tried removing all IDE Devices and header cables (didn't bother with ram/cpu since I can't replace them with anything) and put them in one at a time to see which initiates the problem but unfortunately I could not pin it to any one device. It seems that it is caused by a small bump to the motherboard or case (which really should not cause any problems) but it is very random and often still boots normal even if you are trying to simulate the problem. I still can not work out exactly how to cause or get rid of the problem when it occurs but I'd really like to get rid of it once and for all. Any help plz?

Related notes:
- Resetting the cmos does not help
- When the lines are present the system seems to boot as normal and the windows loading screen is displayed. However immidiately after the loading screen completes the monitor turns off and the system seems to have frozen. Windows never progresses past the loading screen and freezes just
before where the welcome screen should be displayed (if I had it enabled). After a few reboots and pushing randomly on the motherboard the lines eventually disappear and the system boots to windows normally.
- Once, after several resets and finally successfully loading windows I was informed of the occurence of a critical error and windows said something about the video driver causing a draw error. This point only occured once and may or may not be unrelated.

Motherboard/CPU/Ram is all new, video card is a month or two old
Motherboard - Gigabyte K8VNXP
Video Card - Abit Geforce FX 5900 Siluro

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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Try the graphics card in a different machine.
Something similar happened to my 9800 and it is currently being replaced.
I did suspect it could be the video card, but I really hope not.
The card's been working fine in my old comp for the last month so I thought it might be more of the mobo's fault (which is only a few days old).
It's also strange that it only happens on that one post screen and nowhere else.

-Haven't done any overclocking.
-The card is hot, but no hotter than I think it should be.

I'll have to try replacing the card next time the lines appear. It's horrible to try and resolve since it seems to be almost random and there isn't some hard and fast rule to get rid of the lines when they appear.

One strange thing, while I was trying to work out how to get rid of the lines and get the system to boot I noticed that the cpu fan had stopped spinning.
I've been paying quite a large amount of attention to the system tho (and had MBM running) and the system was never booted without the CPU fan spinning and as such there is no damage to the CPU. I have since connected the CPU fan to the Case Fan 3 pin on the mobo. The "CPU-Fan" 3 pin connector on the mobo seems to have stopped working. (This however seems to be independent of the lines problem as they still appear regardless of whether the CPU Fan was spinning or not)

Btw thanks for the (incredibly) fast replies.
If there's anything else which may help plz post.

Thanks again,
Alright after a lot of experimenting I have discovered that the problem is caused by any small bump not to the motherboard but more specifically to the video card. It seems that if the video card is not 100% in the correct angle within the agp port than the problem occurs.

You basically can't even touch the video card or else the angle will be slightly changed and the video will stuff up. Even screwing the video card into the case doesn't help because even tho it's screwed into the correct position, even if you put the tiniest amount of pressure on the top of the card it will stuff up. It's waaay to sensitive, even if I bump the case, Windows gets strange video artifacts and programs freeze up meaning I have to turn off the comp, pull off the side window play with the card and turn it back on.

Any ideas on how to make this a bit more reliable so bumping it won't kill my system?


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