Problem playing .avi files and starting applications

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pok_pok_911, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. pok_pok_911

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    i have this recurring problem whenever i try to play a movie that is above 600mb windows media player 10 or media player classic it says has encountered a problem and needs to close, this happens everytime but a file that was 591mb seemed to work? :cry:
    Oh and cucusoft avi to dvd converter never opens either it encounters a problem to, please help :)

    My system is amd 2600+
    1 gig ram
    xp home edition
    9600 pro
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    look at the drive the file is on, and do a defrag analysis of it, you may need to defrag your drive.

    I have exactly the same issue, although my avi files where some 25gb's in size... a little too large.

    I had to defrag as every time i went to play any kind of movie file on my d drive the whole thing locked up and i had to end task. My drive was like 80% fragmented. Now they all work great.