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Problem loading up some images and websites.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hello, I have 3 computers (and 1 xbox) connected to the internet through a router. When i try to access some websites, or images through my computer i cant get them, while on the other computers there is no problem.
For example, the screenshots on gamespot.com - i can see many of the images on the website, but when i enter the screenshot gallery page, i see no image (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/brothersinarms/screenindex.html).
Again i will say - the other computers can view these images.
As for the browser, i've tested with IE6 and Firefox, same results - both not connecting to any proxy.
Another issue i have, is i cant connect to websites hosted on nana.co.il. that's weird, since when im using a proxy server to connect, i can.
I'll appreciate any help, THANKS !
try using Adaware or Spybot something could be hijacking your hosts file or something like that.

on a side note have you tested this with the new super incredible SeaMoose browser :p


OSNN One Post Wonder
I didnt want to start a new thread but i have a similar problem, i am unable to access many sites that require a java vm. I even downloaded the latest one from Sun and still nothing, this pc is clean of viruses and seems to be clean of ad/spyware and trojans. I ran numerous checks. I cant get it to work. i first noticed this when speaking with tech support of my isp about changing my modem to a router by accessing the router within a browser window. i typed in the internal address and the page loaded but subsequent pages or popups fail to load. i disable all popup blockers, i changed all security settings to the lowest and also install the latest java info. Nothing, no change at all. Any ideas as to what i can try next?
Hmmm usefull thread revival, been noticing this myself and have been investigating network infrastructure, I'll have to sweep my machine for spyware/viruses incase I missed something obvious and got myself infected :)

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