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problem linking three computers


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I have 3 computers. one laptap(XP home) and 2 desktops(xp pro and 2K). the one with 2k on it is my fileserver. It is connected through the other desktop which is connected to the router wirelessly. is there a way to make it possible to get the laptop to see the fileserver. The Desktop that is connected wirelessly to the router sees both with no problems.

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If you have a router with wireless why would one computer be connected through another? Why dont you just connect each one to the router? Or have I missunderstood something?


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There are always problems wheniver I have tried to connect a W2K machine to XP. My XP machines easily connect (through a router) to Win98 and Even Win95 machines, and the XP machines all work well together, but as soon as I add a Win2K to the mix then Everything has trouble seeing the 2K. Wish I had an easy solution for you...but I don't...I just gave up on the Idea in the past.
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If I had more memory for it it would be running xp. although it is only a fileserver so speed really isn't an issue is it? It isn't used for anything else 'cept folding. I might just reload it after it finish the 600 pt gromac it is crunching.

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