Problem installing Theme

Hey , I have a question, I'm trying to install a theme, these are the instructions:

If you got NTFS on your system..

1.- In WINDOWS.. place this 4 files and the "RUNTHIS" directly in C:\ (you can delete them later,so don't worry)
2.- boot with your windows XP CD
3.- use the REPAIR tool insted of the install one.. and you'll be taken to a command prompt..
4.- type "batch RUNTHIS.exe" then hit enter
5.- There should be a messege were all 4 files had been copied..
6.- Reboot & enjoy

When I do it I get the following message: The system cannot find the file or directory specified.

since the files are there including the ms-dos batch file I'm kind of confused


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Geez, that's a heck of a way to have to install a theme! I'm not sure what the problem is, but where did you get this from? You might want to check out Wincustomize.


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Originally posted by Smoke286
It came from Theme XP, its new to me also
Hmm, I wouldn't go that far to install a theme. I don't imagine that things would be much easier in order to uninstall it.


Most likely the problem is that when booting to the recovery console you are at the C:\Windows> command prompt. You'll have to change directory to go to the C:> prompt to execute the file. Type cd C:\ and hit enter to do this.

Wouldn't try it before I were absolutely sure what this batch file is supposed to do. It is at least a very unusual way to install a theme.

What are the file names and what commands are in this batch or whatever it is file? The BATCH command in the recovery console usually looks for a text file.
Its suppose to put the full Longhorn theme on your machine, its been on Theme XP for a couple of weeks and has been d/l a couple of thousand times, if it was something harmful you'd think they would have removed it by now, perhaps I should ask on the forums there if anyone has had a problem with it. It is an unusually way to install a theme, but I was figuring if I created a restore point just before I did it I would be fairly safe.

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