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Problem I am having with my mouse... HELP!


To whom it may concern
I have been playing Sid Mier's Pirates, and it seems that this has just started happening recently.

While I am playing my mouse just stops working. But here is the thing... The mouse still works it is just when I move around the mouse the cursor stays in the spot where it quit working. So basically my cursor is 'stuck' I guess you could say. When I quit to the desktop the Windows cursor is also stuck in that exact same spot, although I can right click to bring menus up and if I move slowly I can click on anything I just have to guess the location of where the mouse should be. After rebooting everything is fine. I don't know why it would be doing this...

I am playing v1.0 of Pirates, right now I just moved back up to college, and I am waiting on the Cable guy to come with my modem so that I can have the internet. After that I will upgrade the game, but is there any reason Windows might be doing this?

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