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problem having 2 tv tuners simltaneously!



running Windows XP, I have a Hauppauge WinTv PCI card and a Twinhan DVB card. When I install the Hauppauge after the DVB card, or vice versa, the pci slots slots get mixed up (it shows it in the device manage in control panel)when it installs the drivers for it. It installs a video and audio controller for each card, usually the video's pci slot is right, but the audio says it's on the pci slot of the other tv tuner card which makes neither of them work at all. I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the pci slot number whithout using device manager because it doesn't let you change the pci slot number. If you don't understand what the hell i'm talkin about than tell me because I don't know if i'm explaining it the right way, and if you know then please e-mail me back. Thanks!


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I have a hauppage tv tuner myself :) those cards have issues with IRQ's me thinks lol... always give me probs when I move it from one system to another...

anyways.. what you can TRY and do is to move one or the other card to another pci slot if you can... it is very possible there is a conflict caused by the location of the two cards...

you would need to do it manually... i.e. take out card physically and move it...

if the problem persists.. try moving the card to yet another slot..

nw... forgive me for asking... but why do you have 2 tv tuner cards ?

video editing?


One is just for satellite mpeg2 and dvb and the wintv is to descramble channels with because the programs that descramble the signal don't work with my dvb card. I tried switching everything around an ended up doing more harm than good. I tried looking in the registry for irq numbers and ****, but I couldn't find andything like that. All I need is for it to get the irq numbers and slot numbers straight. Thanks for the reply!


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try ooking in the bios

you should be able to assign interrupts to each pci slot

if your motherboard is compaq or other similar you are most likely out of luck as these guys leave out the goodies for the average user

but you might be able to get into maintanance bios mode by removing a jumper on the board

you must check you m/b manual

i do most of my changes for irq in the bios

good luck



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post your mobo if you can... someone can probably post a link to your mobo's schematics and let you know the interupts assigned by default for the different slots.. might help...

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