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Problem grabbing address after disconnecting from router



Ok - I am having a strange problem:

I had a few friends over this weekend for a little Lan action, and now that they have gone home they cant grab an address from their broadband service (One is on dsl, one is on cable). I have had them completely release their ip addresses, flush the dns, even went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling their nic cards, but still nothing. To further test the situation I removed one of my computers from the network and attached directly to one of my bb connects and found that I too am having the same problem... but as soon as I plug back into the router I can grab a new address and be right back in business...

This has never happened before and I regularily have people over at my place gaming. The only difference with my network is that I have recently changed the router from a linksys to a Nexland Pro 800 turbo dual wan router. It is set to hand out dhcp addresses and seemed to be kicking ass until this problem came up.

Does anyone know what needs to be changed? I'm not sure if the router is binding something I don't know about, or what the hell could be going on... any help would be appreciated
Sounds really strange. Shouldn't be the router really. So your friends are on dynamic IP with their ISP:s? Releasing and renewing the IP should work. Have they tried turning of the modems for a while?
like Zedric said... get them to check their IP is assigned by DHCP rather than being a static IP. If that doesnt work, get them to run the Network Setup Wizard - may sort the problems out... and if they use a NIC to connect to the Internet, make sure they only have TCP/IP ticked in the connection properties (could cause problems if the MS network bits are ticked too :rolleyes: )

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