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Problem getting on internet

I am trying to sort a mates pc out for him. I am on a home wireless network and everything is working fine. But my mates pc just won't connect. I can ping the modem/router OK and i can ping google news. I have turned off the firewall and made sure that IP addresses don't conflict, but it still won't give me an internet connection.
Any ideas


Windows XP SP2


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Did you try to repair the connection? I some times run into that problem with my wireless laptop and find that repairing the connection will fix it every time.


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well, by being able to ping outside, technically, you are on the internet. So, some clarification please:

Is it just web browsing that isn't connecting? Have you tried multiple browsers and/or looked at the proxy settings? Does command line FTP and/or telnet work? Can you check POP/IMAP mail?
Let's make sure we got this straight. Your PC can connect to the home wireless network and ping the out side world, your mates PC can not?

Check settings for wireless security on his PC match the wireless routers settings.
Check to make sure his browser security settings have not been set too low.
Make sure the static IP for his machine is assigned correctly or use DHCP (automatic assignment).
There is a limited number of IP addresses allowed on a wireless network. Make sure there are not too many people connected. Not an issue if it's just him and you.
Reboot the router and then reboot his machine afterwards.

That's all I can think of right now.
well, by being able to ping outside, technically, you are on the internet. So, some clarification please:
Both PC's can ping each other, and ping the modem/router. My mates PC cannot connect to the internet using IE7 or firefox and the avast antivirus can't connect to update. My PC is working fine.
I have now wired my mates pc to the router via the ethernet port. Still the same!!!!:mad:
Problem solved:nervous:
I was checking through the folders on my mates PC, when I found the remains of Norton Internet Security (looks like the main Norton folder had just been deleted and not uninstalled) Anyway, I downloaded and ran the Norton removal tool, and now everything is working fine.


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