Problem authenticating with Steam Servers.


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I have been getting an error all night when I am trying to log into servers and play CS:S.

I keep getting some kind of error ticket saying authentication has failed and can't communicate with authentication server or something.

If anyone has any information on this please let me know. I checked the Steam Forums and a few other people are having a similar error and the suggested workaround is not working for me.

Also, before anyone asks, I have the full retail Collector's Edition of HL2, not a warezed copy.


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If you have a router or a firewall of any kind check to make sure the Steam ports are forwarded to your computer.

I believe the ports are:

2700 - 2715 TCP

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No reason to delete files.

Most times you can solve this by logging out of steam then logging back in.

The rest of the solutions for this problem are located here but try logging in and out first not just exit.


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the ClientRegistry.blob file stores that kind of info, it will be re downloaded when you restart steam, it has worked for me several times. Its a small file so it doesnt take long to do. All you will have to do is log back in. Thats it :)


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Thanks guys, but the .blob file did nothing for me.

Was the first thing I tried.

The new update by steam seems to have fixed everything for me though, I think it was just a fubar line of code perhaps that acted up on certain servers.


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go into your steam folder and delete the "ClientRegistry.blob" then reboot steam
sazzar has same problem was driving me nutts did the thing above and fix all issues. i found this advice on some of the steam forumsw but dont rem which one.

edit:eek:pps didnt see you had it fixed.

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