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Problem and I'm looking for a solution

My work motherboard went T.U. on me. I verified it was the motherboard tried another PSU and a New battery. I purchased a new MoBo / CPU / Ram. I installed the HDD knowing that I will have a problem. I tried to boot into windows just in case by some chance I could make it, no luck BSOD. I booted off the cd and repaired my copy of windows.. the non destructive way so all my files, folders and applications remain on the HDD. I have some important information on my hdd that I need. Well anyways I can't finish the setup because I keep getting a BSOD when I try to boot into Windows. I can go into safe mode but safe mode tells me this "Windows XP Setup Cannot run under safe mode" "Setup will restart your computer".

BSOD doesn't give me much information. I also forgot how to view the boot sequence instead of seeing the GUI of Windows XP Loading. Also I went into repair mode to check on my bootcfg and everything looks normal. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get into windows.. or into safemode... I pretty sure it's my video drivers that's causing the grief. Because of my mobo went bad on me.. my backup didnt' work for the past two days.

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BSOD can be from bad memory and since you changed RAM I wonder if you have tested the memory.

To get the data off the drive you could slave the drive to another machine or make a BArtPE disk with Nero plugin then burn the data to CD/DVD or transfer the data to somewhere else.
You're probably crashing on install of the MB hardware drivers that are still installed for the old MB. Not much you can do about this now, they need to be uninstalled before you boot with a new MB and old HD.

To recover data -
Download a linux boot CD distro and burn a boot CD from it (Knoppix, Ubuntu (~650MB) is popular, or there are smaller "recovery" Linux downloads Ultimate Boot CD(~100MB ).
Use that CD to boot and recover the data from the old HDD. If you have multiple partitions (which you should have) just copy all data to the second partition which will not be touched in a destructive reinstall to the original boot partiton. If you only had one partition copy the data over the Lan or to a data only HD internal or external. Note - if you had anything encrypted on the original HD you are screwed. The security hash is tied to the install.


Plan B is to stick the old HD in an external enclosure and recovery the data using another PC. Avoid putting the old bootable HD into another machine with a bootable HD in it. Windows has occasionally corrupted one or both disks since it assumes you are trying to hack a copy itmay tromp on Track 0.

Boot.ini -
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /SOS /noexecute=optin

/SOS is the view driver loading option.

You could try and manually delete the old MB drivers using the linux boot cd and then reboot and see if Windows will find the new Hardware. More than likely windows will just replace the old drivers from the restore files it has stashed in multiple places.
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Possibly, if you can find the right files to delete. You don't actually have to replace them. Just clean out the old ones so windows can do a found new hardware on the new MB.

You should be able to boot into safe mode, it does not use any of the hardwrae requiring drivers.

Another option is to go into bios and disable everything you can (LAN, sound, AGP, USB 2) that may let you get up into windows where you can go into device manager and delete all the old hardware. Then when you reboot windows will come up clean.

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