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I just tried to access the forum post "China convicts 11 on software piracy" by clicking on the link on the main page and get the following:

SysProg, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
  2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
All I am trying to do is look. Any ideas? I've had this happen for other forum items in the recent past but never had time to question why.



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bush dogg

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"China convicts 11 on software piracy" That’s a news article I don’t think that takes a membership?

I to have had the same message appear the last week or so with news articles, clicking the link from the front page…but haven’t experienced it clicking from other areas of the forum.

So would say try and access the article from another page of the forums and see if that works for you.
Thank you for the replies. :)

I don't remember seeing anything about having to be a member of a group to view forum posts. It makes sense now.


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I didn't see it on the front page before I posted... So I just thought by the title it might be in the political forum. No idea why you might be having problems otherwise!


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The news is flooded with reports of illegal activity online and in the technology world. Groups of pirates sell counterfeit software and make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so. Many of the alleged software pirates hail from countries outside of the U.S. where the long arm of the law traditionally can’t reach.

Things are changing though and The New York Times reports that a court in southern China has convicted 11 people for violation of international copyright laws. The 11 people were working in a sophisticated software-counterfeiting ring that ran for years manufacturing and distributing pirated Microsoft Software around the world.

The 11 men were sentenced to terms ranging from 18 months to over six years in Chinese prison. Microsoft was very happy for the sentences handed down and said in a statement released Wednesday, "[The prison terms are] the stiffest sentences ever handed down in this type of Chinese copyright infringement case."

The New York Times reports that some legal specialists believe the case to be a landmark of joint anti-piracy efforts between the FBI and Chinese authorities. The counterfeit group that the 11 men operated in is called one of the most sophisticated rings ever seen. Microsoft said, "[The group is] the biggest software counterfeiting organization we have ever seen, by far."

The counterfeit products produced were of such high quality that they were difficult to tell from authentic software. The counterfeit goods were packaged in similar packaging and even had counterfeit Microsoft authenticity certificates. The counterfeit ring produces software like Windows XP and Office 2007 and was broken up in July of 2007 according to The New York Times.

Associate general counsel for Microsoft, David Finn said, "This is absolutely unprecedented. The size and scope of the operation is unlike anything we’ve seen before. We found their products in 36 countries."​

This is what was trying to be accessed ? It is a news section. There are times you will find links to discussions on the forums. They will end up in forums that are not accessible by all members.

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This might be have caused by various features I am testing here on the forums, will do my best to stop things slipping thru!

bush dogg

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Your doing fine EP, the few news articles I’ve had that message happen on the last week or so were clicked from the front page under “News”. I just sneak up on the article from a different direction. :)

Electronic Punk

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Just to note that things like this should no longer be an issue as the lists parsed should now reflect what you are able to see, it took much coffee to do this!
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