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Probability of " dead pixels " [ TFT ]


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My mum' decided to buy a new TFT Samsung 151S and I want to make sure the decision is the best possible :
1. Heard about those " dead pixels " and I want also to find out a percentage of devices that are affected by this problem ..
2. As a customer is that right to be able to test the monitor before paying ? [ refer to Nokia Monitor Test ]


II . Question
We're you able to test your TFT before buying ?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Haven't tried

poll option doesn't work ;)

Thanks .
I got that very same monitor! Officially you can change your Samsung monitor if there are 3 or more dead pixels in a group or 6 in total, spread out over the monitor.
There is another thing called stuck pixels (when it is stuck on one color), samsung says 6 or more pixels before the monitor is declared broken.
Often I see at computershops that they swap a monitor if it has dead/stuck pixels within a certain period. So, you might ask what the policy at the shop is, before the buy.

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