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Pro 128mb or Non-Pro 256mb?


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I need a new graphics card for PC cause im tired of playing Everquest 2 on laptop all the time, I dont have much money for a card right now. I am looking at:
Radeon 9600 with 256mb $89.00
Radeon 9600 pro with 128mb $113.50

Just wondering which you all think would run the game better?
I dont know much about video cards so not sure which, Pro or extra 128mb would make more of a difference.

Please dont just tell me these cards suck and i need a 6800, its unfortunately not an option :cry:


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the pro will be faster/better performance all round...

unless you do 3d modelling (where the extra memory will help), it will be the best solution for you in gaming...


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i just got the 9800 pro and went through the same thing, i saw 256 got cheap and was like right on, but decided to find out why like you did, found some guy who benchmarked them side by side, pro beat it in every single game. Yeah go 256 when you wanna animate


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TBH 256MB cards over the 128MB on the Radeon 9800 Pro variety gave more detailed texture in games etc. That was spotted at Hot Hardware when the 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro launched. But you would have had your eyes 1 inch away from the monitor to really spot the difference :D

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