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23 Jan 2004
recently my old computer died on me, and i had a copy of windows xp pro installed... my profile at that time was placed as "make folder contents private".

now that i have a new pc, i've connected my old hard drive and tried to access my files on the old hd, but it comes up as "access denied"... the old and new xp logon and passwords are the same...

is there any way of accessing my old files?

kind regards
mike :(
There probably is, but it is not going to be easy to find. On a PC, files are encrypted to your SID, a unique identifier that is created for every PC user. Each SID is unique, even if you reformat your computer and create the exact same user with the exact same password. Because your files were encrypted to a different SID and you did not make a recovery for the SID, it will not be very easy to decrypt.
If he didn't encrypt the files, that would work.
thx a lot u guys... it worked and my files have been recovered! u guys have been a real help! thanks again :)

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