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Private Folder Inaccessable



I recently re-installed windows xp. I did not format but just chose to do a fresh install. Now I am unable to access my old desktop folder which has some very important files in it. My computer name and username are the same as before. I've tried logging in as administrator and the os still tells me that permission is denied. I've tried logging in as administrator in safe mode I've also tried booting up into command prompt safe mode. That would not let me access the folder either. Are there any ways to bypass and access the folder? I really need to access that directory. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm sure if you did a search on your problem you will find a fix. This was being discussed less than a week ago. I'll see if I can find it.


Open Windows Explorer> Tools> Folder Options> "View" Tab> Scroll to the bottom of that list and untick "use simple file sharing (recommended)"> ok. Go to the affected folder and right click on it> properties> "Security" tab. From there you can assign ownership to whatever account you wish. You may need to either be logged on as administrator, or have administrative rights in the account you attempt this from. Good luck. As long as you didn't encrypt the files you should be ok.

thought I was going to have to do it one file at a time but went to advanced then owner and ticked replace owner on subcontainers and objects (just thought I'd add for extra help for anyone who might have this problem in the future)

THX SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

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